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Unique, Customized Painting and Antique Restorations in Grosse Pointe, MI, Servicing Locations Nationwide

About Ralph Raney Custom Painting - History, Portfolio & More! - Look_for_this_Van_to_Start_your_DecoratingA history of artistic excellence, passed down from father to son.

We are 3 generations of painters, artists and decorators who have 81 years of experience.

Our mission is to provide the best of quality, impeccable service and the very best in expertise in all we do. Every day we accomplish this and will for you in your home with complete satisfaction.

About Ralph Raney Custom Painting - History, Portfolio & More! - 20181211_101417

You will not find a better experience and outcome anywhere. As a Master Colorist, my custom paint mixing and staining will match anywhere from a color chip in a book, a color in your mind, or something as unique as the color inside of a flower. With the different applications used, we're able to produce old world techniques that are so desired today as in years past.

Please enjoy discovering all the wonderful services we offer through our great website. I invite you to view our photo gallery and read our client testimonials from over the decades.

Our many customers have desired the highest and best of quality painting and papering and all our many decorative services we offer every single day. Of our many customers, some are highly prominent and publicly known figures, but others could be your neighbor. We have been blessed with the opportunities to continue building relationships with our customers and are privileged to have their families call upon us for our services.

A dedication: we lost our founder, and my father, Ralph - in 2001. He was my mentor, teacher, coach and one of the nicest men I will have ever known. We will miss you every day, and we will always try to make you proud. Before passing, he and my Mother moved out to California so they could be closer to my brother and his family. Mom also passed away a few years ago, but both were where they wanted to be - close to my brother, his wife and kids, and grandkids.

Of my 44 years of doing what I love and what feels natural, many, many of those years I was lucky enough to work with my father and learn from him everyday. As with most on the young side, there were a few head-scratching days when things were challenging at times, but I’ve always looked back on those days as the growing times and learning experiences with my father, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Most importantly I have been blessed to be able to get up each and every day for these 44 years and do what I love. Learning all I did from Ralph, plus all subsequent years, motivated me to continue mastering all those skills, techniques and artistry into the highest quality and perfected all our other services. Between myself and my experienced team of Kyle, Emanuele & Mike, we will bring this commitment, determination, ability, and desire every day to create or remake that look and finish for you.

As you’re viewing our many services such as expert furniture restoration, please think of that room or piece of furniture that you may want a complete makeover or just a little TLC, that room or piece of furniture we can also talk about and create a new look as well.