Restore Your Family Heirlooms and Eccentric Pieces of Art  – Antiquing Furniture in Grosse Pointe & the Surrounding Cities

Antiquing Service Grosse Pointe | Ralph Raney - vintage-furniture-restoration-serviceYour favorite antiques deserve to be displayed, not gathering dust!

Are you in the Ann Arbor, Bloomfield or Grosse Point area looking to restore some antiques at a reasonable price? At Ralph Raney Inc., we are passionate about antiques. They are priceless, timeless items that we cherish, and when they become damaged or dull, they’re taken out of the spotlight. When you partner with us, however, your favorite pieces can be resurrected and look nearly new!

No matter if you have a chair that needs re-wicking, a tarnished brass statue, or a worn piece of furniture, our experienced restoration team can bring them back to life.

Antiquing Service Grosse Pointe | Ralph Raney - ralph-raney-interior-and-exterior-house-paintingTo properly restore antiques, you need a professional with a keen eye and a knowledge of materials.

Our team restores everything from family heirlooms up to museum-quality artifacts, but both receive the same amount of attention. Anyone can touch up some paint here and there and make an antique look brand new, but not many can keep the original integrity of the piece in mind. At Ralph Raney Inc., we pride ourselves on not only making your old items shine again but also ensuring that their original character is kept in mind. They are, after all, antiques!

We’re a family-owned and operated business dating back to 1937, meaning we’ve had our fair share of valued family heirlooms.

Started by Ralph and passed down to his son, Craig, Ralph Raney Inc. understands the importance of taking care of family heirlooms. With that being said, we’ll treat your items just as we treat ours – with care and respect! No matter the extent of your restoration, we’ll use every precaution necessary to ensure that we safely bring your items back to life. Simply contact us to inquire about your restoration, we’ll provide a quote, and we’ll get to work putting your antique back into the spotlight!

To request a consultation or estimate for an antique restoration, contact the artists at Ralph Raney Inc. today!