Glazing & Faux Services

Glazing & Faux Services in Grosse Pointe, the Surrounding Areas, or Wherever You Are.

If you have an older or historic home in Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Bloomfield or any of the surrounding cities.

Glazing is just one of the antiquing techniques that adds depth to walls, woodwork, furniture, and ceilings. Visitors to your home may feel as though they're being transported to Renaissance-era Spain, Tuscany, France, or the past as this was a popular home improvement process during that time period. 

Many of our clients approach us, for just one example, because they desire the aesthetics of an ageless winey, complete with wine casks, distressed beams, and other familiar embellishments. Several of the experts who are employed at Ralph Raney have integrated this strategy into their own living spaces, so you know that it's trusted by people who understand home improvement! For example, home-owners will add soft, brown glaze to the walls in their dining rooms, complementing the rising sunlight during breakfast and the warm hues of a setting sun during dinner.

The newest graining techniques can change painted wood, steel or other surfaces that cannot be stained. This is a popular approach for home-owners who desire restoration services for their doors that are not made from raw, unvarnished, or stained wood. Do you have something painted or non-stainable? Craig can transform that to mirrored stained.

Lacquer Finishing

This technique achieves a high, glossy appearance from a clear to a color you'd like. Lacquer finishing is ideal for woodwork, cupboards, furniture, hand railings, pianos, and other prominent centerpieces. 

Because we can help you understand the range of color options and saturation levels, you'll be equipped to make an informed decision that complements the rest of your home and reflects your personal style.

Wood Refinishing & Distressing

From rush weaving wooden furniture to repairing decades-old cupboards and flooring, and other pieces in-between - wood refinishing has a diverse range of applications. Our experts have restored everything from built-ins, woodworking and handrails, and balustrades at the Whitney Restaurant in Detroit. Also, many churches and buildings from Detroit, to Mackinac, to Greenwich, Connecticut.

Our distressing services give newer pieces character by visually adding anywhere from 50 to 200 years of richness, while retaining the structural durability. 

Gold & Silver Leafing or Guilding

Ralph Raney restores any existing gold or silver leafing and can match others or create new, dynamic appearances. We apply gold or silver leaf sheets to accent furniture, interior spaces, or exterior trims and other hardscapes.

Copper Verdi & Faux Very Old Lead Turned Appearances

The technique adds character to your favorite heirlooms or any suitable surface by giving an aged appearance.  Depending on the color scheme of your home and decorations, we can add new hues, including patina green, copper, and very old lead turned appearances. These subtle enhances are ideal for refreshing your homes appearance or complementing elements that you've added since moving-in. This is a popular option to enhance the visuals of gutters, downspouts, and exterior hardscapes without the large expense of the true materials and labor to construct.

Marble & Stone Technique

Turn your wood mantle, fireplace hearth, floors, ceiling beams, and many other items into a marble or stone-line appearance with help from Ralph Raney, Inc. We can apply a stone or Marble technique to wood and metal furniture or fixtures in your home, transforming the appeal of nearly any room or Exterior areas.