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Premium Interior Painting Services for Homes in Grosse Pointe and the Surrounding Cities

Interior Painting: Interior Painting Grosse Pointe | Ralph Raney - painted-wallA fresh coat of paint can transform your home or keep it to whatever circa date you need!

At Ralph Raney Inc., we’ve built our business upon our passion and talent for painting. Since 1937, we have painted the interiors of the finest homes and businesses throughout Grosse Pointe, Birmingham, Ann Arbor, the surrounding cities, state and nationwide! Our commitment to quality and our keen attention to detail have set us apart from the rest, and our reputation for unsurpassed painting services is proven in each home that we paint. While our work is mostly custom, we work with numerous different price points and ideas! 

Whether you need a coat of paint added to your walls or have an idea for a customized hand-painted mural, Craig can create something beautiful in your home. Along with interior painting services in Gross Pointe, Birmingham,  Bloomfield or any of the other surrounding cities, our experts can paint bathroom and kitchen tile or restore your shower. 

Simply changing the colors of your walls changes the feel and energy of your home.

Whether you’re in need of a change of scenery or are moving into a new home, our team of interior painters puts our 81-plus years of experience to work. Our tried-and-true techniques of painting result in an even, opaque coat of paint every time. No matter the size of your home, the number of rooms, the height of your ceilings, and even how intricate the job, it’s no match for our artistic talents!

Our wood staining and color varnishing service also help you match wooden furniture and your family heirlooms. Craig Raney will hand-mix stains that reflect the richness of the woods original color and saturation. Ralph Raney's color varnishing services draw upon old-world techniques that add depth of color and contrast to your living spaces without losing the sight of the wood but will enhance the feel if you desire.

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Elevate your home’s value with a customized mural by Craig at Ralph Raney Inc.

Nothing says timelessness and elegance like a hand-painted mural. Not only do our artists know their way around a paint roller, but they also understand the smallest details needed to complete a beautiful work of art. We see each blank wall as a potential canvas for a masterpiece, and with some time and an idea as to what you’re looking for, we can create a stunning mural that will not only look exquisite, but increase your home’s value.

When you choose Ralph Raney Inc. as your interior painter, you’re choosing excellence in your home.

While there are many painting companies in the area, how many have been around for over eight decades and have gained a sterling reputation? Our painters have worked with the area’s most high-profile clients as well as new construction jobs, both resulting in premium craftsmanship each time. Our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction is unrivaled, as we take the time to not only decorate their homes, but also to build lasting relationships should they ever need us for additional decorating or restorations. We’re always a call away and offer our expertise to any size job.

To request a consultation or estimate for your next interior painting job, contact the artists at Ralph Raney Inc. today!